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"At Boulder Technologies, the client relationship comes first. They provide solutions in excess and obsolete inventory management that fits their clients' needs.

We have been a client for Boulder for three years and have found that Boulder takes the time to plan and strategize to ensure the optimum return on the sale of excess components. In particular, they have assisted me in creating a strategy in moving volatile parts as well as helping to determine a fair market value for those parts.

Consigned material is held in a bonded location and you are able to access your inventory 24/7 on-line. The user screen is very user friendly and is always up to date. I have found Boulder Technologies to be a very customer and service oriented company and feel they have the experience and infrastructure to deliver a total excess inventory solution. They have met all of my expectations and have made it very easy for me to move consigned/excess inventory."


Purchasing Manager

"Our company has worked with Boulder Technology, LLC for several years and found them to be very effective in helping us manage our excess and obsolete inventory. Through their consignment program, we have reduced our inventory significantly and the sale of numerous components has, in many cases, exceeded our expected return or recovery value.

I would strongly recommend Boulder as a partner in your supply chain – not only for handling excess and obsolete material - but also as a potential source for many electrical and mechanical components for your daily production requirements."

Purchasing Manager